2017- When Dreams Become Reality...

View from Our Family Farm!

When our family in Colombia approached us to bring the family coffee to Canada we liked the idea, however, we had no idea how involved the process would actually become! Santiago's family coffee farm in the exotic mountains of Colombia called to us and we decided to throw caution to the wind and start planning. We created a goal with a vision, a timeline and a lot of excitement and passion about good coffee. With each trip to Colombia, our plan morphed and transformed and as we gained knowledge, we realized how much more we had to learn. A year's worth of hard work planning, saving, meeting and learning from some of the best in the business brings us to today... We purchased our coffee roaster in November, have set-up our workshop and are are feverishly roasting, creating and preparing for the launch of our artisanal small batch coffee roastery in 2017!!!

View From the Family Farm!
View from the family farm in Colombia.
One of our Coffee Trees
One of our coffee trees.
The Yard at the Farm
The yard at our family farm.