Our Story

 We Are The Colombian

We love coffee, we are passionate about people and we use coffee as a catalyst to create community. Our coffee is sustainable, traceable and pretty darn good!




Born and raised in Colombia, Santiago was surrounded by coffee culture and hardworking farmers. Fast forward to today, Santiago's family now owns a coffee farm of their own and asked if he would bring the family coffee to the Canadian coffee connoisseur. He went one step further and together with his partner in crime, Kristin, threw himself into the world of coffee. Multiple trips to Colombia to tour farms, and to meet the producers and the families who pick the coffee, inspired Santiago and Kristin to start a micro coffee roastery right at home in Alberta! 


Our goal is to share our outstanding family coffee as well as source green coffee from select farmers and co-ops to ensure that they are paid fairly and to ensure we get high quality beans. We have met many of the farmers who pick your coffee, We have explored the farms and touched the trees whose coffee we roast. We like to know where our coffee comes from. We put love and care into each batch we roast and carry on the tradition of pride and hard work that our farmer's put into the initial production.



  • We believe in sourcing only the highest quality green beans.
  • We believe in small batch production.
  • We believe in being involved with our coffee every step of the way.
  • We believe in traceability.
  • We believe in meeting with our farmer’s and their families.
  • We believe in fresh and recently roasted coffee.
  • We believe in roasting coffee to highlight the origin flavors unique to each bean
  • We believe that coffee is an artisanal beverage to be appreciated, not just a commodity.


The early days of our roastery CTV News story HERE !