We are The Colombian

We love coffee, we are passionate about people and we use coffee as a catalyst to create community.

Our coffee is sustainable, traceable and pretty darn good!

We are a values based company and our goal is to source, roast and serve coffee you can feel great about drinking. Not only because it tastes delicious, but also because we pay farmer’s consistently profitable prices.

Our History

With a desire to be part of something meaningful, founders Santiago and Kristin discovered their passion in Santiago’s birthplace of Colombia on the family coffee farm, “Finca Santa Rita”. Our roastery launched in 2017 at local farmers’ markets, expanded in 2018 into a full service coffee shop with roastery on site and added a second cafe in 2021, a third in 2022 and are about to open a fourth in 2023! We continue to support our family farm in Colombia by purchasing our Uncle Felipe’s coffee and we annually travel to Colombia to source coffees from other small producers.

Our Coffee Buying Practises

We value relationships and connections with each one of the producers that we buy from. We focus on working with small producers who provide us with exceptional quality coffee.

We are intentional about paying prices that are consistent and reliable because it directly impacts the quality of life for these farmers and their families. We strive to provide these high end coffees to our customers because we know you can taste the difference. What tastes better than knowing you’re making a difference in the lives of others?

Each of our coffees are named after the producer and we always have a rotating selection as these farmers typically produce smaller size lots. When they get paid profitable prices, they then have the freedom to focus on quality. Every step in the coffee production process contributes to the end result in your cup. When farmers don’t have to focus on producing quantity to “maybe” make ends meet, they can focus on producing quality. When they have the market of specialty coffee consumers open to them, the higher the quality coffee they produce, the more money they will make. Quality over quantity is what we value and is what will make the coffee industry sustainable.

Coffee Philosophy

Our coffee philosophy ties into our mission of creating community and we buy and roast our coffee in ways that makes them approachable. We believe that sourcing really high quality beans is a great starting point for great coffee. We also believe that by roasting in a way that develops the flavours, we are able to honour all the hard work of our producers. This enables us to serve coffees that are very approachable and are a bridge to discovering and enjoying specialty coffee.