Our Story

 We Are The Colombian

We love coffee, we are passionate about people and we use coffee as a catalyst to create community. Our coffee is sustainable, traceable and pretty darn good! We are a values based company and our goal is to source, roast and serve coffee you can feel great about drinking.  Not only because it tastes delicious, but also because we pay farmer’s consistently profitable prices.

Our History

With a desire to be part of something meaningful, founders Santiago and Kristin discovered their passion in Santiago’s birthplace of Colombia on the family coffee farm, “Finca Santa Rita”. Our roastery launched in 2017 at local farmers’ markets and expanded in 2018 into a full service coffee shop with roastery on site. We continue to support our family farm in Colombia by purchasing our Uncle Felipe’s coffee and we annually travel to Colombia to source coffees from other small producers.    



    The early days of our roastery CTV News story HERE !