Impact on Producers- Clara Isabel Arroyave

Impact on Producers- Clara Isabel Arroyave

Santiago first heard about Clara Isabel Arroyave from a friend in Colombia. Clara unexpectedly inherited the coffee farms from her father three years ago, and along with them came a lot of debt, and a huge amount of work. She has had to learn how to farm coffee and has had to juggle debt, lack of quality and resources in the farm. For the past three years, she has been trying to turn the farms around to make them profitable so that they are not lost to the banks. We recently bought a 10 bag lot from her paying her more than what was required in order to try and support her endeavors with the hope that as her quality gets better, we will be able to buy more coffee and develop a long term relationship with her and her farms. These are the types of producer partnerships we aim to continue cultivating. Her coffee is delicious and we are so happy to share it here in Edmonton!

Clara on her mule at her farm, Finca Rochela!

Shortly after we released Clara's coffee, she shared this beautiful message regarding our direct relationship coffee partnership and it is so powerful reading her words. 

“I am extremely grateful. From the first time we got in touch it felt like somebody was throwing us a lifeline at what is, perhaps, the toughest situation in recent history for coffee farmers in Colombia.

Few people can imagine everything that is involved in brewing a single cup of coffee. It is not something done from a position of comfort or affluence.

Thank you, Santiago, for your support. We hope your efforts will be repaid, and that you'll continue to promote coffee like ours, with its own particular history behind it.

And to each customer: our deepest gratitude. You're not just having a cup of coffee: you've effectively shortened a production line where farmers are traditionally left behind in terms of profits and acknowledgements. Please enjoy the result of our family's traditions and efforts.

We hope to keep covering the thousands of miles that lie between our farms and your mug”. 

-Clara Isabel Arroyave

update: as of publish date, we have sold out of Clara's coffee!

Clara with family members at her farm.