Gabriel Castano- Colombia
Gabriel Castano- Colombia
Gabriel Castano- Colombia

Gabriel Castano- Colombia

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Producer: Gabriel Castano

Farm: Finca La Granada

Region: Huila, Colombia

Process: 100 hour fermentation washed

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Tastes Like: Raspberry, Tropical Fruit, Bubble Gum

Due to the size of the lot Azahar curated for The Colombian, this Community Lot Pink Bourbon was made with Pink Bourbons exclusively from Gabriel Castaño’s Finca La Granada. Gabriel Castaño is the “unofficial” godfather of the Pink Bourbon Variety as according to Gabriel, he stumbled upon this different looking plant for the first time on his farm and then selflessly shared seed to countless neighboring producers in Acevedo (and then it spread like wildfire across Colombia). Pink Bourbon is a sort of hybrid varietal that is characteristic of Ethiopian Heirloom varietals. This coffee had a 100 hour fermentation before being washed. It was then dried on raised beds before being finished in mechanical driers.