Colombia- Jonathan Gasca
Colombia- Jonathan Gasca
Colombia- Jonathan Gasca

Colombia- Jonathan Gasca

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Producer: Jonathan Gasca

Farm: Finca Santa Ana, Zarza Coffee

Region: Huila, Colombia

Process: Washed

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Tastes Like: Plum Jam, Panela, Red Apple

We met the Gasca Family on our trip to Colombia in the fall. A traditional coffee producing family, both Jonathan and his brother Johan took over the family's farms and along with their wives have transcended what had been done traditionally by their father. They planted new varieties in the farm and started experimenting with new processing methods in order to create higher quality and are always looking to sell their coffees at higher prices for the betterment of their whole family. This is a washed pink bourbon varietal from their farm Santa Ana which is located outside of Pitalito Huila, it grows between 1700-1800 masl. We find this coffee to be very sweet and tastes like Plum jam, Panela, and red apple with tropical notes as it cools down.
Description of process: Collection and selection of ripe cherries.
The floats are removed and then dry pulped. It is fermented in plastic containers or closed bags for 48 hours and is finished with thermal shock for washing.
Drying in the sun on awnings for 8 days.